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Teaching English in Poland

Basic Information

  • Term times – The school semesters in Poland start in October and in February. July to September and January are when the majority of teaching positions will be advertised.
  • Currency – Polish Zloty (PLN)
  • Language – Polish
  • Types of TEFL positions on offer – Government Schools, Private Language Schools, Private Tuition, Teacher Training Colleges, Holiday Language Camps.
  • Popular destinations for TEFL Jobs in Poland – Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Silesia

Opportunities for teaching English in Poland

Poland is considered to have more TEFL opportunities than anywhere else in Europe. As the demand for fully qualified TEFL teachers is strong and continues to grow you should find it relatively easy to secure a job teaching English in Poland. This high demand for English to be taught is mainly due to the rise in foreign investments and other business ventures that are conducted in English. Also, students in Poland who wish to pursue a career in business are required by the government to sit an English proficiency examination.

TEFL jobs in Poland

teach english in polandThere are positions for teaching English available countrywide, with the major cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow offering some of the best paid TEFL jobs. You can find work teaching English in both the state and private sectors as well as institutions, government schools and inside major corporations.  TEFL salaries are high by local standards so you should be able to live comfortably. In order to earn some more extra income, there are also opportunities for teaching private English lessons.

Teaching English in Poland – what to expect

Most contracts for teaching English in Poland run for one year although there are also opportunities for short-term teaching contracts if you apply mid-way through the academic year. Generally, the best time to apply for TEFL jobs in Poland is in September or January. Teaching hours vary between 20-30 hours a week depending on your school and class sizes can range from 5-50 pupils. One of the great things about teaching English in Poland is that almost every school offers its teachers free accommodation, Polish language classes, paid holidays and work and visa permit assistance.

Requirements for teaching English in Poland

TEFL qualified, native English speakers will find it relatively easy to gain employment teaching English in Poland. 100 hours of TEFL training is the basic requirement to teach English abroad and we would recommend taking our 120 hour or 140 hour TEFL course.

Why teach English in PolandTEFL in Poland

Some of the best living conditions in Eastern Europe can be found in Poland. The country itself has a lot to offer, from impressive architecture to medieval towns and plenty of theatres and museums to visit. Public transport in the cities is cheap and easy to use, making it a great way to see all the sights. Prices for food and drink are a lot cheaper than in Britain so make sure you take advantage of this! The Polish are friendly and warm-hearted people, eager to learn English and are respectful towards their teachers. Overall, Poland is definitely a great destination to kick off your career teaching English abroad.

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