Teaching English in Nepal

11 April 2012

Finding a TEFL Job in Nepal can be difficult, but if you have a TEFL Org certificate this will help. The demand for TEFL teachers in Nepal is certainly on the rise as English has recently become the second language. Like many foreign countries, the desire to learn English mainly comes from the younger generation, hoping to succeed in international business and communication in the future. Apart from teaching English in schools, business English is also widely sought after and is an alternative option for TEFL teachers in Nepal. At TEFL Org UK are currently advertising volunteer positions in orphanages in Nepal. These positions are highly valued and is an incredible opportunity for TEFL Org graduates.

Cost of living

It is very likely that any work you do find teaching English in Nepal will be voluntary. If you do find paid work don’t expect to earn a lot! TEFL teachers visit Nepal for the rewarding experience, not the money. Although your salary will not be very high you should remember that the cost of living in Nepal is extremely low, the capital Kathmandu has been considered among the cheapest cities in the world to live.

Why teach English in Nepal

Nepal1The rewards for teaching English in Nepal are plentiful. By volunteering to teach English in Nepal you can provide your students with something invaluable; learning English is a chance for them to improve their future prospects and is something you, as a native English speaker, can offer. Teaching English in Nepal is an incredibly satisfying and fulfilling thing to do, and on top of the personal rewards it is a spectacular destination to be working and living.

With some of the greatest heights of the Himalayas as its backdrop, Nepal is a place of outstanding beauty and awe. Land locked between the two powerful nations, India and China, Nepal is a romantic destination for TEFL teachers. Nepal is an amazingly diverse country and the friendliness and openness of the Nepali people is something most TEFL teachers are enchanted by. This country really does have something to offer for everyone, and one trip is usually not enough.

Requirements for teaching English in Nepal

If you are interested in teaching English in Nepal you will need to get TEFL qualified. One of TEFL Org’s recommended TEFL Courses will give you the skills and confidence you will need to teach English in Nepal. Often you will be teaching in very basic conditions, possible with limited resources. For this reason the more comprehensive your TEFL qualification the better prepared you will be to adapt to teaching English in Nepal. Even if your resources are limited, the enthusiasm from your students and the knowledge that you are helping improve their lives will make the experience of teaching English in Nepal worthwhile.

As for other requirements, all foreigners visiting Nepal must obtain a visa. This shouldn’t be too difficult, Nepali embassies and consulates overseas issue visas without fuss. You can also get a one on the spot once you arrive in Nepal at Kathmandu airport or at various road borders. Usually a Nepali visa is valid for three to six months after the date of issue but make sure you check with the Nepali embassy before you leave.

If you would like to learn more about teaching English abroad, then check out our definitive guide.

Teaching English in Nepal is an incredible opportunity. If this sounds like something for you find out more about our TEFL Jobs in Nepal.

Not TEFL qualified yet? Start your journey with TEFL Org UK and check out our TEFL Course Options.

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