Teaching English In Georgia

You may have not considered teaching English in Georgia before, but there are many reasons why you should!

Living in GeorgiaGeorgia

Lying within Eastern Europe and bordering the Black Sea, Georgia is a small but rapidly modernising and beautiful country. It is home to a diverse landscape and still manages to retain many if its ancient traditions. TEFL teachers in Georgia will have the opportunity to explore this magnificent land; from glaciers to beaches as well as the highest mountains in Europe. Not to forget a wealth of mountain top churches and castles. You may also get the chance to visit the nearby countries of Turkey and Bulgaria for a further taste and experience of Eastern European culture. Georgia is a great country to visit throughout the year and with its hot Mediterranean climate, Georgia presents a fantastic opportunity for those looking to teach English abroad.

What to expect

TEFL Org works with a major recruitment scheme to source TEFL-qualified English teachers to work in Georgia. Teaching English in Georgia is done in small elementary, middle and high schools throughout the country. Your class sizes will be manageable at 10 – 20 students.  As a fluent English teacher, your presence will be greatly appreciated by enhancing the learning process and adding your creative inspiration. Teaching English in Georgia is a fantastic opportunity to experience TEFL and working in an education system in a different country.


To teach English in Georgia you need at least 120-hours of TEFL training and you are required to have an undergraduate degree. However, do not despair if you have not completed your degree yet – you may still be considered, all you need to do is send in your transcripts along with your application.


One of the great things about teaching English in Georgia is that there are both short and long contracts available. There are also great benefits for those teaching here. Accommodation is most often provided with a host Georgian family. With TEFL jobs in Georgia, you will receive a 7-day training/orientation at the start of your program which will prepare you for teaching English and acclimatising to life in Georgia. Airfare is paid to and from the country including an additional round trip ticket for you to go home during the holiday season for a month. (Applies to those teaching for 1 full school year)

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