TEFL in France

Teaching English in France

C’est La Vie!

It comes as no great surprise to hear that France is the most visited country on the planet. Teaching English in France is a popular path for many of our TEFL graduates.

Basic Information

  • Term times: The school year typically runs from September to June/July.
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Language: French
  • Types of TEFL positions on offer: Private Language Schools, Kindergarten Schools, Private Lessons/Tutoring, Summer Camps, Government Schools
  • Popular destinations for TEFL Jobs in France: Paris, Lyon, Nice, Montpellier, Marseilles, Toulouse, Rouen

Living in FranceTEFL in France

France is a country of great art, culture, fashion and cheese. Also home to a vibrant arts scene, world famous architecture and, of course, an unmistakable chic style, you will never be short of things to do and see in France. As an EU national you have an automatic legal right to work in the country and there are always good opportunities for teaching, especially in the larger cities of Paris, Lyon, and Nice.

TEFL in France – What you need

In order to teach English in France, it is not entirely necessary that you have high qualifications or experience, which is rare in service industries! You will, however, need to take a TEFL course. With France being such a popular destination we would recommend that you take at least 120 hours of training to put you in the best position possible for finding work.

Employers will typically be looking to recruit English speakers who appear enthusiastic and who are interested in teaching. Many employers will also like to meet you before offering a job. Finding work should be relatively easy as the demand for TEFL teachers remains high. With business increasing in Europe, English is often the main language used to communicate with clients. Parents with children’s futures in mind are keen to see it taught in school and usually make it their first choice.

TEFL Jobs in France

As for TEFL jobs in France, they vary from working with groups of toddlers all the way up to tutoring students at the university level or business English with company employers. An increasingly popular form of teaching is by telephone or Skype which can be done from home (wherever that may be) although many would argue the best thing about teaching English in France is living in France! Another possibility would be to set up informal private lessons, which would be an ideal way to earn some extra pocket money. Private lessons are in high demand from students looking to brush up on their grammar and typically you can ask for 20-25 euros per hour of tuition.

Before YoTEFL in Franceu Go

Before you make the decision to hop over the channel and start teaching English in France it would be a good idea to learn some basic French. Locals always appreciate attempts to speak in French and it will open many doors for you. The added confidence will aid you on your cultural excursion and allow you to live and work in France with a real joie de vivre!

Interested in teaching English in France?

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