Teaching Business English

English is the language of international business and as globalisation continues to grow so does the demand for Business English teachers. Many companies require employees to have a certain level of English so there are jobs to be found teaching English for Business worldwide within companies, at language schools, private tutoring, and online. Jobs teaching […]

Rachael’s Story

12 February 2015 Student life for many of us is a time of endless hours, countless coffees, all-nighters and academic anguish. As students we spend years hurtling towards what frequently feels like an unreachable finish line, just to cross it in cap and gown. Yet after what is for many students, the best part of […]

Is an Online TEFL Course Enough?

5 June 2013 This is an often-asked question, and the simple answer is yes. Of course if you can, we would recommend taking one of our clasroom TEFL courses which are spread over 2 or 3 days, in combination with your online TEFL course.  However, not doing so will in no way hinder your ability to […]