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Christmas in Japan

Tomo lets us know what it is like spending Christmas in Japan in his latest blog.  Check out how he found a job and how he found teaching there in his other blogs. Christmas, a time of drinking, eating, family and presents that range from the useful to the downright daft. This will be my […]

TEFL Experiences: Teaching English in South Korea

by Ajaz Mohammed Hussain Hello there! Greetings from Ulsan in the south-east of South Korea. Yes…I’m finally here. It’s been almost three months since I did the TEFL course and now I’m putting in to practice all that you taught…and it certainly is helpful. I find myself constantly referring to my TEFL course book for succour and inspiration! Well, […]

How Drama Can Help In TEFL

So, what do we mean by ‘drama activities’? We act out real-life experiences as best we can in the controlled environment of the classroom. This enables students to develop vocabulary and practise conversational language. All students can draw on experiences from their lives and can relate to the role-play. When using drama in the classroom, […]