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What to Pack for Teaching English Abroad

18 July 2012 Whether you’re setting off to teach English abroad for a few weeks, a few months or time unknown, the prospect of packing can be incredibly daunting. While what to pack can vary greatly depending on where you’re heading and for what length of time, there are some essential items you simply can’t […]

Teach English in the Happiest Countries in the World

5 July 2012 If you haven’t quite decided where you would like to make use of your official TEFL certificate, we might be able to influence your choice with findings of the Happy Planet Index which reveals the official ‘happiest’ countries in the world. A new report by the Happy Planet Index finds that Costa Rica and Vietnam are the ‘happiest’ countries in […]

Making Your First Lesson a Success

29 June 2012 After you have completed your accredited TEFL course you may already have a TEFL job lined up. Along with all the excitement you are undoubtedly going to encounter some nerves. With at least 120 hours of TEFL training you are already set up for success however here are definitely a few extra things you can do to […]

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

21 June 2012 Sri Lanka is a small island which lies south off the tip of India. It has attracted travellers and  TEFL teachers for years with it’s natural beauty. Few places in the world can offer TEFL teachers such a remarkable combination of pristine beaches, colourful history, and unique cultural experiences. Find out more about teaching […]

Teaching English in the Dominican Republic

21 June 2012 Do you fancy teaching English in this island paradise? Becoming a TEFL teacher in the Dominican Republic allows you to experience a taste of the Caribbean way of life while getting paid. Most TEFL Jobs are on a volunteer basis and qualified native English speakers are always welcome. In order to teach English in the Dominican […]

Teaching English in Tanzania

21 June 2012 Tanzania is home to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and is a great destination for TEFL tutors to teach English abroad. Travellers and TEFL teachers are attracted to Tanzania by its unsurpassed natural beauty and fantastic beaches. It is also famous for its national parks Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area which continues to […]