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Fraser Duff – My TEFL Journey

5 December 2012 After taking a year out from work in Scotland, I decided to pursue my goal of travelling around the world. On my return I was weighing up my options which were go back to the old job in Scotland or try something different. I had heard of TEFL on my recent travels and decided […]

TEFL Experiences: Amy in South Korea

by Amy Dunkley 3 October 2012 This time last year I was having a minor meltdown. My flight was four days away, I still hadn’t got my visa, and fitting my life into a 25kg suitcase seemed like mission impossible. A week after my graduation I had dropped the bombshell on my parents that actually […]


8 August 2012 Thinking about taking a TEFL course? With so many different TEFL providers out there it can be tricky to know which is the best one to go with. Whether a TEFL or CELTA qualification is the better option for you entirely depends on your situation. It’s not as simple as one being better than the other. Here […]

what to ask your tefl employer

6 Questions You Should Ask About Your TEFL Job

26 July 2012 Once you’ve completed your accredited TEFL course you will ultimately have your sights set on securing a TEFL job. With an internationally recognised official TEFL Org UK certificate, finding a TEFL Job shouldn’t be a problem. The demand for TEFL teachers abroad is huge and on our TEFL Jobs Centre alone we have over 170 jobs in over 40 different countries. Once you have a job lined […]

What to Pack for Teaching English Abroad

18 July 2012 Whether you’re setting off to teach English abroad for a few weeks, a few months or time unknown, the prospect of packing can be incredibly daunting. While what to pack can vary greatly depending on where you’re heading and for what length of time, there are some essential items you simply can’t […]

Teach English in the Happiest Countries in the World

5 July 2012 If you haven’t quite decided where you would like to make use of your official TEFL certificate, we might be able to influence your choice with findings of the Happy Planet Index which reveals the official ‘happiest’ countries in the world. A new report by the Happy Planet Index finds that Costa Rica and Vietnam are the ‘happiest’ countries in […]