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Skype Interview Advice

So you have managed to pass the initial application stage and they have invited you to attend a Skype interview, what now? First things first, congratulations! You are one step further to gaining your ideal TEFL job. Here are some things to consider when having a Skype interview: If you aren’t already Skype user, sign up now! It’s […]

Applying for a Visa – Japan

29 March 2013 Japan is a fantastic country to work in with a TEFL certificate. Teaching positions are usually as a teacher of children and occasionally adults. Jobs often need a Bachelor’s or other four year degree on top of theTEFL certificate and teaching experience is always readily accepted. UK citizens visiting Japan for a period of up […]

Georgina – Why TEFL?

27 February 2013 Firstly, I would like to start by saying that travel was never a passion of mine. Growing up my family used to take my sister and my I on our annual trips to Butlins, which never really revved up my desire to see lands unknown. However, I always wanted to be a […]

Daniel in Spain

9 January 2013 As I make my way home for Christmas on the train from Seville to Malaga, I finally have time to reflect on the last eight months. At the beginning of 2012, I was working as an assistant manager in a bar/restaurant in Glasgow. Unbeknown to me at that time I would soon […]

India – Love It or Hate It

3 January 2013 They say that people who visit India will either love or hate it. Having spent three months travelling around the country, I have to say I did not meet one traveller who did not love it. This is for a very good reason and I will definitely be going back one day […]