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Meet our TEFL Tutors

A big part of what makes your TEFL Org experience is your interaction with our wonderful tutors. Whether you’re studying online or in the classroom, all our courses are designed and led by highly experienced and qualified tutors. They’ve been in your shoes before so they know exactly how to prepare you for your first TEFL lesson.

Find out a bit about some of our tutors – below are 5 of our brilliant TEFL tutors and a bit about how they started teaching and where it’s taken them.


Our Online Courses Manager, Thomas, has been with TEFL Org for over 8 years and has been teaching English for over 30! He started teaching back when he was travelling and needed to find work in order to continue. He’s taught in 5 different countries, with his favourite being Spain.

Early in his career Thomas learnt an extremely valuable lesson – always plan your lessons! He went into a class one day having not done that and it was “the longest hour and a half ever”.

“Plan your lessons! It does get easier and you can recycle the good ones. Reflect on your teaching. After every class ask yourself what went well and where you could improve.”



Like many EFL teachers, Asif’s start in TEFL was a means of funding travels around the world. It’s taken him all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Since then he’s gained a Master’s in Applied Linguistics as well as qualifying as a secondary school teacher in the UK. Along with Alex, Asif takes our London TEFL courses.

“As teachers, we don’t just see places, our roles immerse us into society and while lots of people talk about experiencing other cultures, we actually have to do it.”



Rachael has an MA in English Language and worked in the book trade before starting in TEFL. That was over 18 years ago and she’s been teaching ever since! She’s worked all over the world, including South Korea, Poland, Nepal, China and Italy.

Rachael is our Classroom Courses Manager and you’ll have the pleasure of meeting and learning from her on our Edinburgh TEFL courses.

“Soak up every experience you can. Teaching is just a part of the whole lifestyle and some day when you settle down in one location, you’ll look back on those early days so fondly; you’ll realise how lucky you were to be involved in TEFL.”



Kirsty wanted to earn money to fund backpacking around Central and South America and TEFL was the perfect option. Her first teaching job was in a small language school in Bolivia. However, she’d had no formal training in teaching and felt a little out of her depth so as soon as she was back in the UK she qualified as an EFL teacher.

She then returned to South America where she taught in Peru for six years and during this time realised that she’d found her calling. As well as being one of our course tutors, Kirsty also coordinates ESOL services for various local authorities

“I’ve been able to gain a real insight into different cultures and languages from round the globe. I love being able to give people the skills and confidence to communicate in daily life and engage with others in the local community.”



Lola was working in hospitality in London when she was inspired to pursue a career in TEFL. She was working with people from all over the world and helping them with English when she realised she could be doing that as a career.

She’s now DELTA qualified and has taught in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Qatar, the UK, and online. She’s taught learners of all ages but particularly enjoys the enthusiasm young learners bring to the classroom.

“No two lessons are ever the same! The feeling after a really great lesson is wonderful, and even after a ‘disaster’ you learn so much upon reflection (and we ALL have them – even with years of experience!)”

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One thought on “Meet our TEFL Tutors

  1. I watched the online videos by Asif and (mostly) Kirsty; the are both really good in communicating, getting the students involved, and preparing each class. Kirsty especially was on most of the videos, and she is quite quite good, and seemed to developed a rapport with that mixed group of students (Spanish, Polish, Asian, etc.). Very informative and fun to watch.

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