Making Your First Lesson a Success

29 June 2012

After you have completed your accredited TEFL course you may already have a TEFL job lined up. Along with all the excitement you are undoubtedly going to encounter some nerves. With at least 120 hours of TEFL training you are already set up for success however here are definitely a few extra things you can do to make that first day go as smoothly as possible. Follow our quick guide to how to prepare for your first TEFL lesson.

Know the schools expectations

Classroom3smallRemember that the education system in places like Asia will be different to  what you are used to in the west. Cultural difference should also be taken in to account and make sure the content of your lesson is appropriate to the group you are teaching English. Check up on things like the dress code and find out all you can about the school hours and how many other teachers are there.

Be organized

Being organised is the best preparation you can possibly do to set yourself up for success. Make sure you have at least a plan of what you are going to teach. Our TEFL resources such as the Teacher’s Pack and EFL Lesson Plans Pack are great for first time or even experienced teachers and are packed full of helpful tips and lesson ideas. It’s worth always having a backup lesson plan so that even if your original lesson is not going quite as well as you hoped you will be able to regain control.

Have a behaviour plan

The best way to eliminate negative behaviours is to prevent them from occurring in the first place be keeping the kids busy and engaged. The reality is that wherever you are teaching and regardless of how good the school is, you will encounter some behaviour issues in your TEFL career. Plan how you are going to address these issues, you might want to use a “time out” area or use traffic light cards.

Stay positive

Classroom4smallDon’t forget that you chose to teach English abroad in the first place and that your skills and expertise will make a real difference to the lives of your students. On completion of your accredited TEFL course you will have a reputable and official TEFL certificate with more accreditation than any other TEFL course provider in the UK. This should give you peace of mind and confidence in your abilities. You should also be able to accept that things will go wrong and that there will be good days and bad days. With experience you’ll know more about what doesn’t work in the classroom and what does.

For most people teaching English abroad is an unforgettable, eye-opening and fulfilling experience. Everything you need to know about teaching English abroad you will learn on your accredited TEFLcourse, most importantly you’ll also gain the invaluable confidence to pursue your dreams.

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