Is TEFL a Real Job?

5 November 2013

Straight answer; absolutely! Yes, some TEFL teachers only teach for maybe a year as they are on a gap-year or a sabbatical but many start with one job and then they are hooked! Classroom after classroom and country after country; they travel the world and immerse themselves in new cultures in a way a vacation never could. They start on a brand new career path and enjoy a fulfilling career bringing English to people everywhere.


Once upon a time you could head out into the world to teach English with no qualifications at all. Times change though, and now you need some form of training, which is where we come in! All you need to undergo this training is the ability to speak English to a native or near-native level; you need no prior teacher training! Have a look at our course options! We provide a variety of courses for people of all levels, whether you have teaching experience or not.

TEFL Org are proud to say that we are the most highly accredited course provider in the UK. Our courses provide internationally recognised certificates which will help you find employment all over the world. Our courses are a mixture of classroom and online courses and a TEFL tutor is with you every step of the way for any support you need!


Like any other job, you may have to undergo an interview to secure your place. Whether you have to travel to the country itself for a face-to-face chat or whether you have a Skype interview (a growing trend in this industry!) make sure to ace the interview! Dress to impress and have a range of questions and answers ready. Be sure to emphasise that different modules of your course!

New Horizons

Any time you start a new job your way of life will change. But with how many jobs will you move abroad? With how many jobs will you spend your days working with a wide variety of new people only to kick back on a beach or in a local bar when your day is over? TEFL works by immersing the students in an English-speaking environment, but you too will be immersed into the local culture and way of life.


Firstly, you get to travel and see the world while being paid to do so! Even some voluntary posts have a small stipend for your expenses.  Also, some great employment packages are available. Accommodation, flights, insurance, visas, severance bonuses; there are plenty of perks available for teachers if you look.

Have a look at the TEFL Job Centre to find a job abroad in a beautiful new country. Our graduates have lifelong access to the Job Centre and, with new jobs being posted all the time, it won’t take long to find your dream job!

Still not sure? Take a look at our former student stories to read about our graduates’ TEFL adventures! You could have your own adventure too; all you need is a little faith in yourself.

Request a free brochure here for more information about TEFL!

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