Is an Online TEFL Course Enough?

5 June 2013

This is an often-asked question, and the simple answer is yes.

Of course if you can, we would recommend taking one of our clasroom TEFL courses which are spread over 2 or 3 days, in combination with your online TEFL course.  However, not doing so will in no way hinder your ability to teach English abroad or make your certificate any less valid or you an less employable.

Check the TEFL Course provider

The most important thing is that you take your TEFL course with a reputable TEFL course provider.  Too many people are being scammed into taking budget TEFL courses which seem cheap at the time but leave you out of pocket with a worthless qualification at the end.

TEFL Org UK considers accreditation very important and is proud to be the most accredited TEFL course provider in the UK. This should give you peace of mind that when you take a TEFL course with us you will receive a reputable TEFL qualification at the end that is internationally recognised and will allow you to find a TEFL job abroad.

Find out more about our accreditation.

TEFL Org UK Online Courses

The online TEFL course covers everything you will need to know about teaching English abroad from dealing with difficult students to knowing your modal verb from your present tense.

Find out more about how the course is broken down: online TEFL courses

You will not be alone either, you will be assigned your own personal online tutor who will mark your work and provide you with feedback and support throughout the duration of your course. You will also have access to our common room where you can share advice and chat to other TEFL students who are doing the exact same thing as you and working through their online TEFL course.

How many hours of TEFL training do I need?

Finally, the number of hours you complete is important. 120 hours of TEFL training (completed either online or in combination with our classroom courses) will provide you with the best qualification and make you eligible to apply for the widest range of TEFL jobs.

How can I find work?

All of our TEFL students get exclusive access to our online TEFL Jobs Centre which has hundreds of TEFL jobs worldwide. You can log in and apply to as many jobs as you like. We are constantly being approached by employers looking to employ our graduates, which means new jobs are always popping up on our site. If you still can’t find anything that suits you, we can point you in the right direction.

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