Industry-Wide Warning: Rip-Off TEFL Courses

In recent months we have been contacted by hundreds of people who have enrolled on budget TEFL courses through group-buying sites like Wowcher and Groupon for next to nothing. As a result of enrolling on these courses many people from all over the UK have been left with a certificate not even worth the paper it’s written on – if they even receive a certificate, that is. Once payment has been made they have been left to completely fend for themselves; no support, no guidance, no tutor and low-quality, unaccredited course content.

They have come to us distraught and disappointed, having to enrol on another TEFL course to obtain a recognised qualification offering extensive support. As the most highly accredited TEFL provider in the UK we are fully aware of what makes a good TEFL course and good TEFL course provider, but many customers are not. We therefore aim to inform those looking to the TEFL industry of the danger of such courses. These low-cost, budget options are well and truly costing people their TEFL experience. £9 for a course may seem like a low-cost investment but hidden charges and unclear fees can mean that this budget course soon becomes an on-going hassle and a continuing drain on your finances.

It doesn’t have to be like that though; this is something we feel very passionately about so we are fully urging people to be aware of what they are buying. Our priority is to provide people with the same amazing, exciting and life-changing experiences that many of us here at TEFL Org headquarters have had. Some providers claim accreditation from ‘accrediting bodies’ such as WTEFLAC – an organisation that has no contact telephone number on their website and no information or company numbers for the providers they are apparently affiliated with.

The perils of group buying are often overlooked and TEFL is a prime example of a sector being significantly influenced by the offer of ‘bargain’ buys. If you have been considering budget courses or are looking to enrol, please ensure that you contact the provider to discuss exactly what their course involves in terms of support, guidance and accreditation/quality control. Either that or contact us and we can advise you about how best to research TEFL providers and what to look for when enrolling on a course.

Call us on 01349 800 600 or send us an e-mail if you want to know more.  Check out our accreditation for an idea of what you should be looking for from a TEFL course provider.

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