Homestay TEFL

Fancy the sound of doing TEFL, but trawling across the other side of the world isn’t your cup of tea? Then perhaps Homestay TEFL is right for you.

What is it?

Like it sounds, Homestay TEFL is teaching English as a foreign language within your own household. As a tutor, you give your students accommodation in your own house, and in return you get paid to teach them. It’s possible either to work freelance or with a company.

Homestay TEFL is perfect for those who neither have the time nor taste for traveling abroad and are looking for a new experience. Tutors must be willing to accommodate students for a short period of time whilst teaching them.

Benefits of Homestay TEFL –

There are numerous advantages of stay at home TEFL. Here are some of the main benefits for you to look over.

  • Flexible work hours within the comfort of your own home. You decide when best suits you
  • Enjoy being free of naggy bosses or office politics
  • Greater satisfaction when teaching students at a one-to-one level
  • Boss of your own salary (Unless you’re with an organisation)

Disadvantages of Homestay TEFL –

  • Unstable work schedule. You may have loads of work one month then nothing the next
  • Students may find staying in a stranger’s house a little uncomfortable
  • Income, like the work schedule, may not be stable

Fortunately, most of these disadvantages can be fixed if you apply to work for a Homestay TEFL company.

Homestay TEFL Companies – 

If you decide to do Homestay TEFL, having the backing and support of a bigger organisation can be very beneficial. It makes finding students that little bit easier and provides more stable work. There are various organisations offering places as stay at home tutors, such as:

InTuition – This company offers a mix of Homestay TEFL courses to students. You can apply to become one of their teachers and work for the company. It is highly recommended that aspiring teachers hold either the Cambridge CELTA Certificate or the Trinity College TESOL Certificate along with a first degree. For more information, click here.

Home Tutor  – Home Tutor hires TEFL tutors to teach students . Teachers work with a flexible schedule that fits around their home life. Like InTuition, teachers require some form of qualification equivalent to a Cambridge CELTA course so make sure you meet the standards when applying.

Homestay English Teaching – This UK based organisation offers Homestay positions for both student and tutor alike all across Britain. Once you’re accepted, you will be assigned bookings depending on if the student applied to be taught in your area or not. Like the other companies, teachers are expected to have the right qualifications or possess experience in TEFL. Apply to be a teacher here.

These are just a few examples of Homestay TEFL organisations, so make sure you research into it, compare your findings, and choose which best suits you.

Freelance Homestay TEFL – 

Conversely, you can go into the world of Homestay TEFL without the helping hand of a company. Not sure which path to choose? Then take a look at the pros and cons of freelance TEFL and decide for yourself.


  • Boss of your own wages and bookings schedule
  • As your reputation grows, the more bookings you will receive
  • Like above, no office politics
  • Students’ progress more with one-to-one lessons


  • Without an organisation for support, bookings can be unreliable
  • It can be hard to market yourself without the help of a company
  • May seem less professional than a tutor from a bigger company

When freelancing, you need to be able to advertise yourself and build up a good reputation to really increase the amount of bookings you receive. Although it can take some time to build up a client-base, the rewards are certainly worth it.

The world of stay at home TEFL provides an unforgettable experience, allowing you to mix with people from all around the globe without you having to leave your own house. Whether with a company or freelance, Homestay TEFL brings with it plenty of rewards for you, as a teacher, to reap.

Remember to check out those companies listed above, or if Homestay TEFL doesn’t suit you after all, have a look at some of the teaching opportunities in our online TEFL Jobs Centre.

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