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Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time to do something different with your life – and that something is teaching English abroad as a foreign language. Maybe you want a break from your normal routine, a chance to see more of the globe before you begin your life in the ‘real world’, or perhaps you’re just hoping to save up some cash over the summer – there are a dozen and more possible reasons, but the point is you want to TEFL.

If you type in a Google search for overseas teaching jobs, you will be bombarded with more information than you can handle. An array of different courses, companies, prices, and locations fill your screen – where do you begin?

To help clear things up a bit, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to finding English teaching jobs online.


The level, type, and provider of your TEFL certification can impact your chances of employment. As a rule of thumb in the TEFL world, a course with more hours equates to a better qualification at the end. So, for example, a 100-hour course is going to be more attractive to employers than a 50-hour.

Here at TEFL Org, we recommend the 120-hour combined course to anyone starting out in the English teaching world. This is because it meets the most common requirement set by schools (120 hours of TEFL training), combines both online theory and practical classroom learning, and is excellent value for money.

Of course, 120 hours worth of training isn’t for everyone (or sometimes isn’t enough for everyone), which is why we have a range of different courses to suit a range of needs. Our online courses are for those who can’t make it to classroom lessons. While these don’t carry the same weight as courses that include practical learning, they still hold the same accreditation and recognition.


Speaking of which, always make sure the provider you plan to complete a course with possesses some sort of accreditation! Otherwise, you could be paying for a scam from a fake company. Be wary though: even if ‘accreditation’ is listed somewhere, it doesn’t mean it’s always legitimate. Look into whatever organizations they claim to be endorsed by. Can you find their website? If so, does it appear high on your search?

You can examine our own here. We’re the most accredited course provider in the UK, where we are based, so you can be sure of our quality.

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What Are You Hoping to Get Out of This?

As mentioned earlier, you could have countless reasons for wanting to teach abroad. However, you need to prioritize and figure out what your main goals are for your adventure.


The chances are, you’ll already have a pretty good idea of where you want to TEFL. It could be as far away as the bottom of South America or at home with a laptop and webcam – the choice is up to you. What is important is that you try and match your qualifications and experience with a region that would see you as an attractive employee. For example, you’re not going to get very far in some of the Gulf States with only a TEFL certificate as a degree tends to be a requirement as well.

In addition, some countries have a much higher demand for teachers than others. This should be taken into account as it can seriously affect your chances of employment.

Hot areas at the moment are East and Southeast Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe, and South America.

Some popular countries are ChinaMexico, SpainThailand, and Vietnam.


It would be silly to ignore the significance of online TEFL and the large role it plays in the employment of tutors. Even if you’ve never really considered it, it’s worth having a look. Often, you can find work in your spare time as a freelance tutor which gives you the flexibility you need to pursue other goals.

Read this handy blogpost on online teaching to see if it’s for you, it covers the basics and goes in some depth too. An important aspect of online teaching is on what platform you choose to conduct your lessons. From Skype to more teacher orientated websites, it’s important you know which platform is most convenient for you. Don’t worry; we have a blog for that too!

Even better: book an online teaching course with us to become a trained tutor and start your own TEFL service.


Year-long contracts, part-time positions, and everything in-between is what awaits an aspiring EFL teacher. Such a range means you should be able to find a job that suits you. As much as you’d like to travel forever, do you have responsibilities at home you can’t leave for too long? Are you prone to homesickness? Or perhaps you’re looking for a permanent fixture? In any case, there’s a job for you.


Where you go, your experience, qualifications, and the type of teaching position you go for will all have an effect on your wages. Certain regions will tend to have higher-on-average salaries than others. These regions also tend to be those with tougher requirements and somewhat better economies. Think East Asia (China, Japan, and South Korea), the Gulf States (UAE and neighbors), and some European countries.

Negotiating your wages is always a possibility and the better your qualifications the more leverage you possess. Additionally, certain types of TEFL teachers will find they are offered more. To elaborate, a teacher of Business English will often earn more than the standard tutor due to the high demand from companies, growing economies, and young professionals. However, specializing might also limit the locations you’ll be in demand which is why it all needs to be considered!

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Online Jobs Boards

As the number of international English learners grows, more positions across the globe become available to first-time and experienced teachers. Here, we have compiled a list of the best online TEFL job sites where you can find your dream English teaching job.

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TEFL Org Job Centre

As a student of TEFL Org, you will have access to the Job Centre of our partner site TEFL Org, where international TEFL employers advertise positions. Regularly updated each week with new posts, you will be able to contact employers directly. Make sure you sign-up to the weekly TEFL jobs email to ensure you’re first to know about the newest and most exciting TEFL positions.

Remember: you have to book a course with us to be able to apply for jobs here!

Recommended Jobs – If you are TEFL qualified, but not from TEFL Courses Ireland, you can still use the Recommended Jobs page which is open to any qualified TEFL teacher to apply. These are the jobs we believe to provide the best opportunities to our students – the best benefits, prestigious partners, and exciting locations.


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This is a free, independently run site that deals with all things TEFL. As well as international English teaching positions, there are many other useful resources including lesson plans, teacher forum and links to free TEFL downloads.


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Dave’s ESL Café

This site is famous across the TEFL world. It takes a bit of time to figure the site out, but once you have, you’ll find the most comprehensive lists of TEFL jobs available online.

Other TEFL job sites

Social Media

Of course, let’s not forget the importance of social media when it comes to job-seeking! There are Facebook groups, Twitter groups, and even an entire website – LinkedIn – dedicated to helping you find your perfect job. Read more on how you can exploit these networking sites to your advantage here.

Interested in booking a course? Check out our range here!  

Once you book with us, you’ll have full access to our frequently updated Jobs Centre.

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