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Computer Scavenger Hunt [Teaching Tip]

You can do this with any level, depending on the target language you use.

First; choose a YouTube video, etc., that you like or that you think your students will like. Next; make lists of things in the video for your students to find. You could also prepare a library of visuals. Ask the students in pairs and/or small groups to search the Internet. They will have fun searching for the answers using the Internet, whilst using English!

Team work; each team gets a different list. You will need a PC for each group. Set a time limit, and the team that finds the most in the allotted time wins. Another idea is to assign this as a week long hunt (for homework even – so you are encouraging student to use English outside of school too).
Here are some categories you could use:

Information: Search for as much info as possible about the Loch Ness monster.

Solution: Get the cheapest flight together with faster travel time to say Cyprus.

Culture: You are going to London for the week. Search the net and make a plan for theatre, art galleries etc.

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