Starting out in TEFL can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a range of teaching tips and resources recommended by our TEFL Org tutors so you can be confident going into your next English language lesson.

How to Avoid TEFL Scams and Bad Employers

Sadly, there are people out there looking to take advantage of newly-qualified EFL teachers excited to land their first teaching position. Regardless of what industry you’re in it’s always important to exercise caution when sharing details online. While it’s understandable to be worried about TEFL scams the reality is there are very few out there […]

Finding TEFL Jobs Online

Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time to do something different with your life – and that something is teaching English abroad as a foreign language. Maybe you want a break from your normal routine, a chance to see more of the globe before you begin your life in the ‘real world’, or perhaps you’re just […]

How To: Get a Police Check

If you are applying for teaching positions overseas, you will more than likely be asked to supply a Police Check or criminal background check along with your other documentation. Depending on where you are based in the world, you will need to apply for your police check through your national law enforcement authority. Police Checks […]

A Look at Business English

English is, arguably, the closest thing to a global language the world has ever seen. In many countries, English is the language chosen for business, diplomacy, and as a general common ground for speakers of different tongues. That’s why many entrepreneurial men and women around the world are scrambling to improve their Business English skills […]

TEFL Summer Camps

So you’ve successfully completed your TEFL course and now it’s time to search for your dream TEFL job. If you’re looking for something temporary in Europe, then look no further than applying for a short-term Summer Camp position. If you have completed a course with us then you’ll be entitled to apply through our Job […]