Student Stories

TEFL Org course graduates have used their TEFL qualification to teach across the globe and online. Read their experiences of teaching English as a foreign language, and get inspired!

TEFL in Hungary

31 January 2014 Through a twist of fate, I have landed a job in a secondary school in the small city of Eger! It is in the Heves region of Hungary in the Hungarian Highlands. I am still in a little bit shocked as I only did the 50 hour TEFL course! (I was looking […]

Stuart in Shanghai and Zaragoza

The life of a TEFL teacher is far from predictable. Opportunities are vast and can take you to places you never expected. Two years ago I had an amazing experience in the metropolis of Shanghai. It was my first taste of teaching English as a foreign language and one that I will never forget. The […]

Karen in Hong Kong

Interview I prepared for the Skype interview as I would any other interview. I also researched the school and the website so I had a rough idea of what the school was like.  The time difference is 8 hours so I had to get up early and prepare for 9am whereas the employer was just […]

Teaching in Beijing

As most students do, I was pondering what to do when I finished university. My degree had not led me down a specific path (and that was the way I wanted it!), and I had always wanted to leave the UK and experience the world. As time marched on and I was still without a […]

Working from Home in Bulgaria

Having moved to Bulgaria in 2007 I decided I wanted to get work, but unfortunately my Bulgarian is not good enough to secure employment and so I needed something that utilized the skills I had.  I had considered TEFL before but when I looked at the vacancies it meant moving further abroad. I was eventually […]

My TEFL Experience

I have always wanted to see the world, travel and experience different cultures and ways of life. I never had a chance to take a gap year, so in my mid-twenties I decided to do a TEFL course and do just what I had always dreamed of. The course I chose was a 140-hour Premier […]