Student Stories

TEFL Org course graduates have used their TEFL qualification to teach across the globe and online. Read their experiences of teaching English as a foreign language, and get inspired!

TEFL in Cambodia: Daniel’s Story

So, I’ve been asked to write about my TEFL experience in Cambodia. I’ll begin by stating that there are no ‘usual’ TEFL candidates, or at least that’s what I’ve found. We come from incredibly varied backgrounds both professionally and personally. I’ve met TEFL teachers from over a dozen countries and we each have our life […]

What is it really like to TEFL in China?

With the biggest TEFL jobs market in the world it’s no wonder so many of our graduates find themselves teaching English in China. China offers a lot for EFL teachers – jobs often come with great benefits such as free accommodation, flight reimbursement, and competitive salaries; the huge geographical and cultural diversity across the country […]

Emily’s UK Summer School Experience

Last summer (2017), after returning from my first ever teaching English as a foreign language experience in Italy for three weeks, I worked in a summer school a little closer to home with UK Language Courses. Their centre at Queen Anne’s school in Caversham is located on the other side of Reading to where I […]

TEFL in the UK: Billie’s Story

After years of teaching abroad and enjoying lunch times spent basking in the scorching sunshine, I knew that transitioning back to life in the UK wasn’t going to be easy. I had spent 6 adventurous years travelling across inspiring continents and countries, and gaining not only a deeper knowledge of teaching, but a much better […]

Holly in Myanmar

I’m already a few months into my second year contract in Shan State, Myanmar and it’s become home – a slightly frustrating at times home, but a home nonetheless. I live and TEFL in Taunggyi, Southern Shan State, in a smallish but ever-growing town surrounded by misty mountains. Outside my town are the greenest landscapes […]

Sarah in Gwangju, South Korea

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I’m an English teacher in Gwangju, South Korea. My husband and I both made a huge life change by moving here in to work at an elementary school in February 2018. We may have only been here around ten weeks but we absolutely love it and are already […]

Tyler on the Vietnam internship

Tyler’s Vietnam Internship Story

If there’s one thing I have always wanted to achieve, it’s completing my TEFL qualification and teaching English abroad. I can now officially tick this goal off my bucket list as I write this from my favourite new café in Hai Phong, Vietnam, where I have been living and working as an ESL teacher since […]

Teaching in China: Joan’s Story

Teaching in China has been a joy! You never know what will happen from day to day. For instance, my husband and I were recently invited to go to a rural area nestled in the mountainous area of Boshan near our city. We would do some volunteer teaching at a small school and donate much-needed […]