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Starting out in TEFL can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a range of teaching tips and resources recommended by our TEFL Org tutors so you can be confident going into your next English language lesson.

TEFL Tips for a Solo Traveller

4 July 2013 TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an amazing way to travel and become immersed in a completely unfamiliar country. First-time travellers, especially if alone, may find the thought of living and travelling in a different country daunting. So, this is a brief guide that focuses on how to prepare for life […]

Things to Consider before Teaching Abroad

27 June 2013 Research your TEFL destination Our greatest piece of advice before you set off on your TEFL travels is to research your country! The reason why we say this is that the nature of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) will be potentially very different depending on where in the world you go. Visa requirements, employer’s preferences, pay and […]

TEFL on a Budget

21 June 2013 Consider TEFL! Travel is expensive; there is no two ways about it. It can be really frustrating when you want to see the world but the bank balance is too low to allow that dream escape. If this is your problem then consider TEFL! Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a great way […]

Funding Your TEFL Travels

11 June 2013 The Best Way to Fund Your Travels Travelling is expensive. We all know that. But there is a way that you can travel, see the world and live in new and exciting cultures whilst you earn money. This can be done through simply completing a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course – […]

How Do I Decide Where to Teach English Abroad?

7 June 2013 This is the biggest question on every TEFL-qualified teacher’s mind. The opportunities are pretty much endless, such is the demand for native English teachers to TEFL all around the world. With the high accreditation of TEFL Org’s courses which are recognised all over the world, employers from all corners of the globe want to hire our graduates. If you […]

Applying for a Visa – Thailand

26 April 2013 Thailand is a fantastic country to go to with your TEFL certificate. It’s a beautiful country filled with a new culture and way of life to explore, making it a favourite. Thailand also has a great demand for English teachers. To work in Thailand, you require a 120 hour TEFL certificate and at least a Bachelor’s degree. […]

Applying for a Visa – Japan

29 March 2013 Japan is a fantastic country to work in with a TEFL certificate. Teaching positions are usually as a teacher of children and occasionally adults. Jobs often need a Bachelor’s or other four year degree on top of theTEFL certificate and teaching experience is always readily accepted. UK citizens visiting Japan for a period of up […]

Applying for a Visa – China

15 March 2013 China is a great destination for anyone with a TEFL certificate who wants to explore a completely new country and culture. There is a great demand for English teachers in China to teach both children and adults. To teach English in China you obviously need a TEFL certificate and a Work Visa. Often a degree and […]

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5 Places to Visit in Vietnam

22 February 2013 Vietnam is a favourite destination of both holidaymakers and those with a TEFL certificate. Everywhere in this beautiful country, you can find places to go and things to see from pagodas and war relics to the stunning landscapes. Here are five of the best and favourites for foreign visitors to visit. Ha Long […]