TEFL Teaching Tips

Starting out in TEFL can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a range of teaching tips and resources recommended by our TEFL Org tutors so you can be confident going into your next English language lesson.

Song Word Race [Teaching Tip]

This is a great activity to wake your students up! Choose a song that you think your students will like, and contains grammar and language suitable for their level. Choose 10-15 difficult words from the song and write them on separate pieces of paper or coloured cards. You may want to drill the words with […]

Halloween Resources

Halloween in the EFL Classroom

Are you looking for some new activities for your EFL class this Halloween? We have put together a short list of some top Halloween resources which will keep your students entertained and help them learn about this spooky time of year. What is lurking in the dark dark wood? A great lesson plan for younger […]

Tongue Twisters [Teaching Tip]

Students from different native languages have certain difficulties with pronunciation. For example Spanish speakers have difficulty with the different between /v/ & /b/ and many students from some Asiatic countries find /r/ difficult to say. To help practice these sounds, here are some tongue twisters you could teach them. Peter Piper picked a peck of […]