5 Common TEFL Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview can always be nerve-wracking – what questions will they ask? What questions should I ask? How should I answer?

Once you have completed your TEFL course with TEFL Org, you can start applying to some of the great opportunities that we have listed on our Job Center.  More than 80% of our students will find work within just 3 months of completing their course and, while you wait to hear back from employers, take a look at the 5 questions below that you will likely to ask in your first teaching interview.

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Q: “Tell me about your teaching experience”

This is one that most employers will ask at the beginning of the interview, so make sure you have a great answer up your sleeve! Most employers are happy to take on first-time teachers, so don’t worry too much if you haven’t taught before. Focus on any relevant experience you may have from other jobs – perhaps you used to deliver presentations as part of your job elsewhere. Tell them as much as possible about your TEFL certification as well. Talk about the accreditation, the modules and learning outcomes which were covered. Most of all make sure your answer is relevant to the specific position that you are applying for – if it’s a role teaching children then make sure you point out that your TEFL course covered teaching young learners.

Of course, not all jobs will require previous teaching experience. Nevertheless, it would be worth using whatever relevant experience – in this case, working with children (even babysitting for siblings). In fact, you can use any past work experience as evidence for your suitability – teaching isn’t the only job that requires you to meet deadlines and hold responsibility!

Q: “How would you deal with a disobedient child?”

Classroom management and remaining calm under pressure are key when delivering a successful lesson. With this question, the interviewer is looking for two things: that you can manage your class and that you’re not going to lose it if a child breaks the rules. The best way to answer this is to talk about how you set rules and boundaries in class and how you would deal with a student if they break them. A handy tip is to answer this question in three parts: talk about the rule you set, how you would deal with a student who breaks them and then how you would identify why the student is being disruptive.

Q: “Why do you want to teach English abroad?”

You can answer this question a few different ways, but your best bet is to talk about your love of travel and discovering new cultures. Employers are keen to make sure that you’re not likely to get homesick and will be committed to teaching and looking out for your students. In this instance, talk about your passion for teaching, working with others and contributing to helping others improve their prospects in life. Talking about your TEFL course and your commitment to learning how to the best teacher possible as well.

Q: “What do you know about (this country)?”

Most people tend to apply for jobs in countries that they’re really keen to work, and this question gives you the chance to show that! Employers will want to see that you have a knowledge of the customs in the country you’re looking to relocate to and that there won’t be too much culture shock when you arrive. Try and steer your answer away from religion and politics and remember that compliments can see you pretty far!

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Q: “Do you have any questions for us?”

This is, potentially, the most crucial part of the interview! Make sure you have a few questions pre-prepared for the employer as not having any may come across as being disinterested. A few examples would be asking about the students you will be teaching: how old are they? How big is the class? What is their level of ability? Asking standard questions covering what the length of the employment contract is, working hours, holidays and salary will mean that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision should you be offered the job.

Now you’re armed with the necessary knowledge, nothing is stopping you landing your dream job!… Except for your lack of TEFL qualifications.  Well, we have just the remedy – check out our internationally recognised TEFL courses.  Once you book with us, you will have full access to our Jobs Center.

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