Meet Our Tutors – Rich

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Meet Rich – one of the tutors who run our accredited TEFL courses in the UK. All of our tutors are highly qualified and have at least three years of TEFL experience abroad, meaning they know exactly what’s it like to start a new career teaching English abroad.

Check out the TEFL course reviews below to see what his students think!

“I am originally from Yorkshire but grew up in the Midlands and have spent most of the last 8 years abroad, but now I am teaching English in London.

I have taught in Spain, Greece, Austria, Australia, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

I love teaching because of the contact with people from different cultures, and the magnificent feeling of reward as you see and hear your students using the language you have taught them.

I have travelled the world loads teaching English, I can’t think of anything better and what’s more you get paid for it! Fantastic!”

TEFL Course Reviews

“I cannot praise the tutor, Richard, highly enough…he is simply superb in the way he imparts his knowledge and makes every aspect interesting. There wasn’t a single part of the course I didn’t enjoy or learn from.”
Alistar, Photographer

“Richard is a fabulous teacher. He was very well prepared, had the class conversing within 10 mins, gave us lots of really excellent lesson plan ideas through his lessons to us, gave very constructive criticism and kept everyone motivated.”
Tiffany, Account Manager

“Richard’s skill as a teacher and the interactive format of the course is what made the weekend so enjoyable – and I can say, for the first time, I understand (basic) grammar. Thank you Richard!”
Jenny, Assistant to Registrar

“A fantastic tutor who really knew his subject and taught with great enthusiasm.”
Matthew, Financial Services Headhunter

“Enthusiasm and encouragement from Richard kept the course alive and interesting. I liked how everything was organised and how the teaching was simple, yet effective.”
Laura, Hotel Receptionist

“The tutor, Richard, was great. Very interactive, always on hand to give clear concise instructions/explanations when needed. He was very easy going and approachable. His lesson structure and teaching methods were something to aspire to. Great role model.”
Fiona, Marine Mammal Observer

“We were immediately made comfortable and familiar with one another and the tutor. I thought Richard was brilliant: he kept the two long days energetic and interesting.”
Helen, Student