Meet Our Tutors – Megan

I have over 20 years’ experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign TEFL Org tutor - Meganlanguage, mainly in Greece but also in the UK. I have a Masters degree in TEFL and now work mainly as a freelance ELT author. I currently live in Athens, Greece where the hours of sunlight are much appreciated! My hobbies are reading and beginner-level birdwatching. Just from going through the local square on my daily walk, I get a lot of enjoyment from hearing a lone blackbird trilling or seeing a group of pied wagtails hopping about. My advice for new teachers is the following: plan every lesson down to the last detail and always have something extra prepared in case of emergencies! At the planning stage, check the particular language area you are teaching thoroughly to make sure you’re on top of it all. Self-confidence comes from knowing that you know what you’re teaching. The students will see that and respect you all the more for it. TEFL is a great career and TEFL qualifications open many doors. I wish all our students good luck!