Meet Our Tutors – Lola

“I’m from Manchester and, like most people here, always looked forward to my holidays to escape the rain when I was growing up! After graduating from the University of Nottingham where I studied English and Philosophy, Alex _tefl I moved to London and worked in hospitality for a few years. During this time I worked with people from all over the world and found I was always helping them with their English which inspired me to start my TEFL career. After qualifying, I taught in Spain for a few years and completed a further TEFL course specialising in Young Learners. In the following years I worked in Italy and Argentina completing my Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA). I also come back to the UK in the summers to teach at Newcastle University. I have just returned from a contract in Qatar and am combining University work and online teaching with teacher training courses.

My favourite thing about my job is the people, and I come across a huge variety in the different fields of TEFL I work in! I love teaching Young Learners because of their enthusiasm to learn and their wonderful outlook on life, University and IELTS exam students because of their motivation and dedication and general English students as you get to mix with a variety of people from all walks of life and learn from them every lesson. No two lessons are ever the same! The feeling after a really great lesson is wonderful, and even after a ‘disaster’ you learn so much upon reflection (and we ALL have them – even with years of experience!)

As a teacher trainer I like to pass on my own enthusiasm and some ‘tricks of the trade’ to make the learning experience enjoyable for both students and teachers and encourage people to think about how and why they do things – essential for their future development.”