Meet Our Tutors – Asif

After a few years of working as a litigator, I “fell” into teaching, initially as a way to TEFL Org tutor - Asiffund travelling. My teaching career (it’s been almost a decade) has taken me across Europe and Asia, my most memorable time being the three years I spent in the Middle East. Since then, I have obtained a Master’s degree in Applied linguistics and qualified as a secondary school teacher. My academic interests are in language testing and assessment. I am a GCSE, IGCSE & A’level examiner, and have been a Cambridge “IELTS” examiner for a number of years.

Today, I fit these interests around my “day job” as a secondary school teacher in London. I also deliver the weekend (and some of the weekday) courses some of you have signed up to.

Teaching (especially English) is a wonderful profession. There aren’t many others I know who can base themselves anywhere in the world and be assured of a job, social status and a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. As teachers, we don’t just see places, our roles immerse us into society and while lots of people talk about experiencing other cultures, we actually have to do it. I am fluent in a few languages and am always trying to learn new ones. “Learning” Italian has kept me busy for a couple of years now, so I have every empathy with what many of my students go through.

My colleagues on this site have given many useful pieces of advice, so there really isn’t much I can add. Perhaps I could share my two “rules” of a successful lesson:

• Make sure your students leave the class wearing a smile
• Make sure they can say a little more than when they walked in

I look forward to working with you.