Meet Our Tutors – Alex

Alex _teflMeet Alex – one of the tutors who run our accredited TEFL courses in the UK. All of our tutors are highly qualified and have at least three years of TEFL experience abroad, meaning they know exactly what’s it like to start a new career teaching English abroad.

Check out the TEFL course reviews below to see what the students think!

“I’m from London and have taught for a few years in Spain.

I enjoy teaching because of the wide variety of people you meet every day, the fact that I’m not stuck behind a desk all day, the camaraderie of the other teachers, and the ability to give up everything, pack a suitcase and disappear off to any country I fancy at the drop of a hat, knowing I can get a job there. I enjoy training as it’s great to teach people who understand everything you say now and then(!), and having had such a fantastic time living in Spain love the fact that I can help people do the same.

I love travelling – I’ve been to India, Cuba, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt and most of Europe. In fact it’s my dream to have a stamp in my passport from every country before I’m old and grey! I love films, my favourites being Goodfellas, The Big Lebowski and The Bourne Trilogy. I love all things about Spain, even their fanatacism about football. I don’t really have any hobbies (apart from films and travelling) but I like to do something extreme once in a while. So far, I have done skydiving, bunjee-jumping, taken flying lessons and cage dived with Great Whites.”

TEFL Course Reviews

“She was patient and her knowledge was excellent. It was great to talk to a tutor who had actually been teaching abroad and could offer real advice in real situation. The first day was hard going but Alex kept the pace and energy superbly”
Helen, Business Manager

“Alex, the tutor, was exceptional. Her methods of teaching were concise, clear and relevant. She was able to relate and engage with every individual on the course, while giving constructive feedback to student classes”
Mark, Cover Teacher

“The teacher, Alex, was excellent, enthusiastic and professional”
Anthony, Temporary Security Worker

“Alex was really good, motivational and clear”
Amanda, Retail Manager

“Alex explained every step of the way – I felt totally included. It was really interesting. She really showed me how to keep students’ attention. I can’t wait to start!!!”
Adrienne, Credit Controller

“The tutor Alex was very enthusiastic and encouraging and explained things in an easily understandable way”
Philip, Police

“Alex is a great teacher and has not only taught me everything about TEFL but also inspired me as to what teacher I would like to be”
Nadine, Nanny

“Alex was a very engaging tutor who included everyone in the class in what she was teaching”
Maureen, Student

“The teacher, Alex, was fantastic. She was very clear, aware and informative”
Georgina, Graphic Designer

“Alex was a wonderful teacher who go the group really engaged and excited. She was very positive about all the student and made the three days very uplifting”
Sophia, Waitress