Leaving competitors in the dust

In 2014 China was the top location for our graduates in Asia, outrunning countries like Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Maybe even more impressive, China came in second among ALL destinations TEFL Org graduates chose to go to, only beaten to the top spot by Spain.

Education On Board

Chinese youth (15-24 year olds) have a 99% literacy rate (in rural locations this is defined as knowledge of 1,500 Chinese characters, 2,000 in urban areas)
Within less than a decade China has transformed from blocking out all western influence to becoming one of the most thriving and rapidly growing economies on the planet. At this point in time the fusion of an ancient culture with modern society, fuelled by a strong appreciation of technology makes the homeland of 1.4 billion a place like no other.

Countless Opportunities

China offers an array of TEFL jobs like no other country. According to a report from the Ministry of Education, there were more than 50.000 training centres for about 300 million English learners in 2013. There is a particularly high demand for Teaching Business English, but countless opportunities to teach in private or state schools, large classes of young learners or one-to-one are available.

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The high demand for TEFL training has of course not gone unnoticed and sparked a trend in the industry. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the surge in providers has caused a decline in the quality of the training provided. In return, this has led to officials in Beijing tightening foreign hiring requirements.

When TEFL Org established its links with China in 2012 it did so with the intention of forming long lasting partnerships. With time, mutual trust and respect plus the highest level of product quality and customer support became the cornerstones of the cooperation.

Renowned Academic Partners

TEFL Org is the only TEFL provider engaged in a partnership with China’s foremost language teaching university Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). This gives our graduates the edge for teaching in English in training schools and state schools across Beijing, Jiangsu and two other provinces.

BFSU Front Entrance
Beijing Foreign Studies University was founded in 1941, and was the first institution in the country
to specialize in foreign language studies.

Trusted judgement in global competition

In 2014 TEFL Org and co-founder Joe Hallwood was invited to judge the biggest English speaking competition in China, where the final 165 contestants (of initially nearly 100.000 participants) competed for a ticket to the global event.

The finals of the IPSC (International Public Speaking Competition) bring together the best speakers from all over the world for a week of international cultural exchange. What started over 30 years ago as a competition between the national public speaking champions of England and Australia has turned into a global event.

We are also trusted by the largest expat publication in the world, China Daily, which has a daily circulation of over 500,000 and regularly holds teacher training courses provided by TEFL Org.

Why choose TEFL Org

Established ties with trusted bodies

Job offers exclusive to our students

Support through senior representative in Beijing

Free advice on CV, Covering letter, Visa and more

Most important of all, we are literally there for our students and graduates. If any issues were to arise, regardless of the matter, our representative on the ground is a phone call away, with assistance close at hand.

Apart from great job opportunities China has lots to offer.

What our students say

“As a twenty-something who found himself being hampered by a slow economy in Britain, working for Beiwai gave me the opportunity to satisfy my travel goals and pursue valuable work experience. Work experience that gave me quality and transferable skills, and travel goals which enhanced me both culturally and personally.” (R.Anslow)

“I completed the course about one month ago and have already been accepted onto a teach and learn program in China starting in August. I was overwhelmed by positive responses from job applications as a result of my TEFL qualification and for the first time in my life I was actually forced to turn down multiple jobs!” (S.Edwards)

“Brilliant. I went on a weekend course knowing nothing and came away feeling competent I could teach English in China without speaking any Chinese!” (J. Hearson)

Exclusive job offers

Our recommended jobs are constantly updated, browse through them now and get inspired. You can start applying straight away once you have enrolled on your course.

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